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By Nikos Thedosiou

(Text written for the catalog of MICE 2017 –  Μostra Ιnternacional de Cinema Education)

In the 17th year of the 21st century, almost no one questions the introduction of media literacy into all levels of education. Researchers are continuously publishing research and modules are announced. But from the announcements until the implementation, the gap is huge.   Read more of this post

Public Policy Status of Media Literacy in Greece


Α report on Greek media literacy public policy by Irene Andriopoulou, Secretariat General for Media & Communication. Reproduced from «Media & Learning News»,  January 2017


Media literacy policy from a public perspective is a long overdue and complicated issue in Greece. For years until the beginning of the 21st Century, it remained mostly under the academic umbrella as a theoretical school of thought about media. However, gradually it became clear that it is a public engagement responsibility that (should) involve actors from both the public and private fields, focusing on the emerging behaviorial patterns of users-consumers-producers that are multiplexed with the media industry. Read more of this post

The right of young people to express themselves freely and creatively


The 14th edition of Camera Zizanio lies ahead of us!

It is well known that Camera Zizanio is more than a Festival where films are being screened in competition terms. Though the audiovisual creations of the youth, we are offered a fresh and creative approach to the world we are surrounded by, their critical point of view and their dreams. Camera Zizanio is here to put into practice the right of children and young people to express themselves freely and creatively. Read more of this post

A great success!

Stelios filai
The big family of Olympia International Film Festival and Camera Zizanio is very proud as one of her “kids”, Stelios Filaj, student of 1st Lyceum of Pyrgos, got an important distinction.
Running at the Panhellenic –   Pancyprian School Games of Athletics, in Athens, won a gold medal in the 2000m steeplechase, claming personal best record.
Up to now, we were aware of Stelios’ articstic talent. Partcipating in Festival’s film workshops and activities, he has always been punctual and ethical. And was, of course, loved by everyone!
Camera Zizanio 2013

Camera Zizanio 2013

In top of this, the film he created along with his schoolmates from the 1st Lyceum of Pyrgos, won two awards in 13th Camera Zizanio, last December.

We aso found out about his exceptional skills in sports, which apparently won’t stop here. We expect from him, as he’ll also parcticipate in the Pan Hellenic Games of Athletics, with the Athletic Club “HERMES” in Pyrgos,  to win one more disciction. And of course… his next film!

Stelios’ distinctions (as many other “kids of ours”  in the fields of science or art) filled us with great joy and satisfaction. Olympia Film Festival, remains to be a place of creativity for the youth generation, by offering them the opportunity to develop their talents and their skills in every field.

Αnd all this, in spite of the times, the misery perceptions and methologies which undermine the work of the most important institution in Europe in the field of youth cinema and media education.

Audiovisual education in new paths


Film making workshop in Plasencia, Spain

(Nikos Theodosiou’s speech At The Round Table Conference ‘Media Literacy in School’ – Plasencia, Spain, March 21, 2014)

Τhe issue of audiovisual education is not something granted, not something stable. It’s constantly moving and changing, both in form and content. Like our society.

Those dealing with the audiovisual education would have noticed these changes. That’s why a new approach is constantly needed. That’s why meetings, like here in Placencia, have great value. Read more of this post