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With best wishes for a happy New Year!


”The leading European film festival”


“Olympia International Film Festival , is the leading European film festival for children and youth cinema!” Céline Ravenel, President of European Children’s Film Association. Read more of this post

Camera Zizanio – Awards 2013


European Competition Section -Awards Read more of this post

The deep current flowing underground…


Third year of very strict austerity, financial squalor of large portions of the population, deconstruction of the social state, of record high unemployment in the Eurozone. The fight for survival, the first choice. Read more of this post

Catalogue – Κατάλογος 2013


The Catalogue 2013  is available for download in PDF format.

Camera Zizanio 2013- Catalogue

(You will need Acrobat Reader to view the documents pdf)