Camera Zizanio

Ευρωπαϊκή Συνάντηση Νεανικής Οπτικοακουστικής Δημιουργίας

Camera Zizanio – Awards 2013


European Competition Section -Awards

Category A’ (up to 12 years old)

1st Prize

  •  Tears by Avisco – Children’s Hospital of Brescia (Italy)

2nd Prize

  • Little concert by Pinac Foundation – Nursery School “Alberty” (Italy)

3rd Priza

  • We don’t want to be boots > by Animation Studio Da (Russia)

Special Mention

  • The great run away by  Liepa Ribokaite (Lithuania).

Category B’ (13 to 16 years old)

1st Prize

  • Growing smile by Robert Hardy (Netherlands).

2nd Prize

  • The pen by 1st Standard Experimental High School of Athens (Greece)
  • Socializer- be aware what you share by youngsters from the film workshop “Filmed Involved” (Austria)

3rd Prize

  • Knightsfeelnopain by Sever Latysovand Maxim Latysov. (Netherlands).

Special Mention

  • Ego by Gabija Liaugminaite (Lithuania).

Category C’ (17 to 20 years)

1st Prize

  • Inbetween by Theo Warnierand and Mischa Dols (Netherlands).

2nd Prize

  • Looking forward by Tomislav Kralj (Croatia).

3rd Prize

  • Dive by Andrew Jordan (Ireland)
  • The bridge by Media Laboratory of MEC (Serbia).

Special Mention

  • The choice by Laura Zelensek (Slovenia)

Greek Competition Section -Awards

Category Α’ (up to 12 years old)

1st Prize

  •   Νiko’s Adventure > Greek- German Educational Society

2nd Prize

  • ·A strange story > 2ndPrimary School of Vrilissia

3rd Prize

  • ;;; -> -> ? ! ? ! (1,2,3… 15)!!!. >   9th Primary School of Ag. Dimitrios
  •  Bakakoulis > C’ Tositseio Primary School of Ekali

Category B’ (13 to 16 years old)


  •  The pen > 1st Standard Experimental High School of Athens

2nd Prize

  • The black bouquet > Music High School of Trikala
  • The little house at the village > Art  school of Heraklion

3rd Prize

  • When someone you love dies > Katopodis Vissarion
  • People were silent and there was no reaction / 2nd General Lyceum of Ilioupoli

Category C’ (17 to 20 years old)

1st Prize

  • Mama don’t cry, we’ll speak through Skype > 1st EPAL of Argos, SEK of Argos and ERAS of Argos

2nd Prize

  • Maybe there is hope > 1st Lyceum of Pyrgos

3rd Prize

  • The siren song > EPAL of Oinousses Chios
  • Dangerous Inheritance > General Lyceum of Pefkon Thessalonikis


  • Fortuna Vitrea  Est > 6th Lyceum of Kavala.


  • Maybe there is hope > 1st Lyceum of Pyrgos


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