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Teleti enarxis
The Closing Ceremony of 20th Olympia Intenational Film Festival for Chidren and Young People and the 17th Camera Zizanio took place, in enthusiastic atmosphere, on Saturday 9th of December 2017.
The bigest edition than ever, with a great variety of films at the Sceening Programs, screenings in more that 10 cities of Western Greece, more than 80 parallel events, exhibitions, tributes, an international Conference, dozens of guest from many countries and also thousands of visitors – mainly students from all over Greece.

But Camera Zizanio is not only screening of films. It’s  week of full film creativity through the tens of cinema workshops. It’s also about  300 (and more)  youngsters who cooperate, write screenplays and create films.

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Season’s Greetings!



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The European Meeting of Young People’s Audiovisual Creation – Camera Zizanio is not a festival, and it’s not a school competition either. It is a “Meeting”, a crossroad, a meeting point, a place of exchange and creation, in an absolute spirit of freedom. It is open to society, beyond boarders, beyond stereotypes and prejudices, with respect for diversity. Read more of this post

Camera Zizanio 2017: Cinema masterclasses


Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People and Camera Zizanio is not just about film screenings, juries and awards. It is also a place where our young audience gets the chance to meet experienced filmmakers and vice versa.

Among this year’s presentations, seminars, workshops and masterclasses:

  • renowned director Ferris Costas,
  • veteran DOP and director Nikos Kavoukidis,
  • DOP Argyris Theos,
  • set designer Andonis Chalkias and
  • SFX specialists Alahouzos brothers

will be in Pyrgos to offer their knowledge and insight to us.


We’re finally at the home stretch. The selection of films is completed, the invitations have been sent and many Greeks schools have already arranged their trip to Pyrgos as well as many of our international guests.
Guests of this year’s Zizanio Camera, along with the 20th Anniversary of International Olympia Film Festival for Children and Young People, will have the chance to attend a rich program of 238 films from 40 countries!
Note: this selection was made from 1800 films that were submitted to Camera Zizanio.
In Greek Section: 123 films from all regions of Greece, in three age categories: Category A’ – 38 films / Category B’ – 44 films / Category C’ – 30 films.
In European Section: 97 films from 27 countries.
In International Section: 19 films from 10 countries (Argentina, Peru, Brazil, USA, Australia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, India, Iran and Iraq).
Camera Zizanio’s catalogue is at the layout stage and in a few days will be available through our website.
Stay tuned as we will be gradually revealing you the rich program of events along with the film screenings. Workshops, seminars, master classes and many parallel events.