Camera Zizanio

Ευρωπαϊκή Συνάντηση Νεανικής Οπτικοακουστικής Δημιουργίας

Welcome to the 25th Olympia Film Festival and the 22nd Camera Zizanio!

2022, after two hard years of pandemic and restrictions, finds us trying to find our pace.

But in a world terribly unstable as the consequences of the economic crisis and the increase in poverty,
of an unprecedented environmental disaster and a despicable war inside Europe are unpredictable.

In order to organize our next steps, we are looking for the constants that will be the springboard
for a new beginning.

For us, this constant is the Olympia International Film Festival, which this year completes 25 years of action and from which, shortly after, Camera Zizanio was born.

The Festival’s fourfold theme on which it has been based since its inception is «Child, Peace, Education, Culture». This is the beacon that shows us the way to the future.

And we have a duty to widen this road in all directions. This is why Camera Zizanio puts a special emphasis on international exchanges and collaborations: with the participation of young people from Greece in festivals and film workshops in the world, sending films from Greece abroad, in multinational actions.

This is why Camera Zizanio puts a special emphasis on international exchanges and collaborations: by the participation of young people from Greece in festivals and film workshops around the world, by sending films from Greece abroad, by multinational actions.

And at the center of all efforts is the Mythos Project, the longest-running multinational film laboratory in Europe now in its twelfth year of existence.With these actions we create the conditions for a world of peace, cooperation and creation.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome all our friends from Greece and abroad who will join us at the great celebration of the 25th Olympia International Festival and the 22nd Camera Zizanio.

21st Camera Zizanio. Here we are!

(Ελληνικά στη συνέχεια)

The selection of the films participating in the 21st Camera Zizanio is over. We are thrilled to announce that youth audiovisual creation, overcoming all the pandemic obstacles, is present sending a strong and promising message!

With or without masks, children and young creators sparked ideas, screenplays, took their cameras, tablets or mobiles and created films presenting their point of view of the world.

The 21st Camera Zizanio will take place both physically in the city of Pyrgos from November 27 to December 4 and digitally, along with the 24th Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People. The most interesting spectrum of youth audiovisual creation from all over the world will be presented.

215 films from 54 countries will be screened in the three competition sections: Greek, European and International.

Fiction films, animations and documentaries give us a glimpse and approach the most substantial contemporary problems. A constantly changing world, the pandemic, climate change, authoritarian regimes, displacement and immigration, diversity and acceptance, youth fears and many more.

More in detail:

99 films in the Greek Section. 68 films made in schools and 31 in cinema workshops or individualy.

83 films in the European Section coming from 27 countries: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Wales.

33 films in the International Section, coming from 26 countries: Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, USA and Vietnam.

Save the Date! 27 November to 4 December 2021 for the biggest celebration of Young Audiovisual Creation! Be there!

H 21η CAMERA ZIZANIO είναι εδώ!

Έχοντας ολοκληρώσει την επιλογή των ταινιών για την 21η διοργάνωση της Camera Zizanio μπορούμε να πούμε, με μεγάλη ικανοποίηση, πως η νεανική δημιουργία, ξεπερνώντας όλα τα εμπόδια της παρατεταμένης πανδημίας, δίνει ένα δυνατό και ελπιδοφόρο παρών.

Mε μάσκες ή χωρίς, τα παιδιά, οι νέοι & οι νέες γέννησαν ιδέες, σενάρια, έπιασαν κάμερες, τάμπλετ ή κινητά και δημιούργησαν ταινίες παρουσιάζοντας τον κόσμο μέσα από τη δική τους ματιά.

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(Ελληνικά στη συνέχεια)

A film’s journey, after completion, is to meet the biggest audience and have its tour in film festivals. Especially in Camera Zizanio, we are proud of our partnerships with festivals abroad and the opportunity given to our participants filmmakers not only to represent their films abroad but also to be part of equivalent initiatives of youngsters’ audiovisual creation.

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Back to cinema theaters and the big screen. Crossing Europe Film Festival and its Youth section “YAAAS!” took place in the traditional way from June 1 to 6 in Linz, Austria. Camera Zizanio could not miss it!

Overcoming pandemic difficulties but compliant with new era’s protection measures, the organisers offered a fruitful cinematic experience, a festival program consisted of 3 competition sections (fiction, documentary and YAAAS!) a non competition Panorama and parallel events , Q&A’s,  masterclasses and guided city tours to museums at Linz, a Unesco City of Media Arts. Linz has warmly embraced the Festival and local shops had decorated their windows with Festival elements.

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You cannot restrict young audiovisual creation!

“Last year has deprived us of several activities we were practicing delightfully, let alone those including art creation. It would be impossible though to remain idle and inactive during that period. Through the activities  that the Olympia Film Festival for Children and Young People and Camera Zizanio always offered, we took the opportunity to create art with instruments and media in full compliance with this covid era.

Our participation in the international online film workshop “Film Days at VBU 2021” engaged us with youngsters from other countries, exchanging ideas but also roles in this occasion. Every national team took footage from another one and added its own touch to the creation of a short film about COVID.

This experience reminded us once more that facemasks won’t prevent us from collaborating with different people and cultures to create art.”

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