Camera Zizanio

Ευρωπαϊκή Συνάντηση Νεανικής Οπτικοακουστικής Δημιουργίας


poster07_small.jpgMessages from participants of the 7th Camera Zizanio and 10th Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People

From Sweden

Dear Lito and Nikos and everybody else who have been working so hard for the Camera Zizanio and the Youth Action Program,
Many hugs and a big THANKYOU from all of us in the Swedish group. My teenagers did not want to go home and it seems like they allready know that they want to return next year. They better make some new films during the spring and the summer!
I had also a very nice and interesting time and I enjoyed your festival very very much. It is very professional and at the same time you manage to keep the warm atmosphere. I think it is just fantastic that so many young people are so active and working so hard together with the little more grownups. I also enjoyed Olympia Film Festival – very good selction of films! The mixture of the both festival and the workshops that you had this year is just wonderful.
All my warmest regards and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!!!


cz_2007_irland.jpg  img_4359_2.jpg From Irland

We are home safe, but still high as kites after such an incredible week. Thank you so much for everything. I will now take out some ideas I have written for films about young people and maybe turn them into a reality. I cannot say how much I enjoyed the week too, to meet so many wonderful people was just fantastic. The boys are so happy. They are busy working on their next films already.

see also this site


From Holland

We arrived safe and in time in Holland this afternoon. Very tired but also very happy.
I want to thank all of you for the hospitality you offered during our stay in Pyrgos. Being at the festival was a warm experience for me and for my three students. They wished they had been there sooner!
Love, Franka.


From Hungary

Thanks for the possibility for being in Greece again! I did have a very great week. Now I am back to my office, work…

Please tell my greetings to everyone!


hungary_pyrgos01.jpg hungary_olympia2.jpg

Dear Lito and Nikos,

We say thank you for everything. Wonderful we spent 10 days on the festival.

very thanks everything!!!

Kalman, Csaba and the Mako Group


From Germany

We have just arrived back to Hamburg. A little bit sad, because everything was so nice in the Zizanio festival.

The land, the people, the films and abouve all the Friendly stuf.

We look foreward to meet you all again,

best regards from Hamburg & Jugendfilm

Gabriel Bornstein


From Sweden

Thank you very much for a fun, intensive and also educating festival

It was a nice and interesting programme and we in the jury had a lot of discussions, we didn´t always have the same ideas and favourites but in the end I think we came up with a good selection.


I really must say I am impressed by the Zizanio part of the festival all the Screenings & workshops. In the bus back to the airport the Swedish group led by Britt-Marie Meyer spoke about how fantasic time they have had. They said that they had to go home and really make a good film so that they could come back to Pyrgos next year. And the beatiful Swedish girl she sat and cried over the Dutch boy who had declared his love to her from stage! Love and film in Olympia Film Festival .

kindest regards



From Germany

Dear friends,

after a 12 h sleep I will send you my sincere thanks. Efcharistó!!

It was a really nice week and I had a very good time with you all.

Now I will have a big problem… who has the coupons for me in Hamburg…. and where is the good food…….

Later I will open one of the fine wine bottles and clink glasses in the name of Dinoysos.


Hope we will meet us again,



Dear Lito,

We would thank you for the pleasant festival we went through the past week.
It was again a great experience to participate with so many fine people.
We ask you to bring over our thanks to Myrto, Maria, your father, Dimitris
Spyrou and all the others and wish you succes with the organisation of the
next (8th) edition of Camera Zizanio.

Best regards,

Thomas and Evert van der Gronde


From UK

Dear Zizanio,

I am sorry we were not able to be with you this year, but our thoughts were.

We all hope you had a wonderful festival and that the children were inspired and uplifted by the films from around the world.

Best wishes

Sara and the team at Suited and Booted

Suited & Booted Studios CIC
The Studio
4 Millbrook Place
Widcombe, Bath.
01225 338294,

One response to “Messages

  1. Valerie December 11, 2007 at 5:09 pm

    Hi Rose-Marie, Agnes, Gabriel and everybody from the festival

    It was wonderful to meet you all, such passionate, positive people in the one place. I too have lost the ability to feed myself and I miss the inspiring company, but all the more reason to get back there. I presented Leon and Saoirse’s animation DVD from their workshop in Pyrgos to a group of youths today and told them how film-making would take them on great adventures, like ours. Maybe it will make even one more film-maker. I’m telling everyone how great Camera Zizanio so maybe we will have more Irish there next year too.

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