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Camera Zizanio’s Greetings!


As all activities of the 15th Camera Zizanio and the 18th Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People (organized from November 28 to December 17) were completed, we would like to address our thanks  to all who contributed to this successful event. Read more of this post

Awards 2015


Awards ceremony 

15th European Meeting of Youth Audiovisual Creation Awards

 European Section

Category A

1st Prize

  • Look ahead > Escola de Bordils / Spain

2d Prize

  • 3 Steps > Asier Olangua Fernandez /Spain
  • Borders > Dante Alighieri” Secondary School of Calcinato / Italy

3d Prize

  • Flake White and the Seven Lady Dwarves > Camera Etc / Belgium


  • The trip Children’s > Hospital of Brescia – Cartoons in the wards > Italy


Category B

 1st Prize

  • The Dutch angle > Jael Van Rossum, Louizos Deenem >The Netherlands

2d Prize

  • Lights > IES Perez Comendador > Spain
  • Τhe nightmare > Olivia van Eijk > The Netherlands

3d Prize

  • Unlockedinside > 20th Lyceum of Athens

Category C

1st Prize

  • Βackwards > > The Netherlands / Abel Andel, Jelle Van Oosterom, Jesse Van Leeuwen, Tijn Van Wijgerden /
  • RoadTrip > PieterWibaut, LeviMiddendrop, ArvindChoenni, RomekvanDeursen, EddyRakovic / ΤheNetherlands.

2d Prize

  • Take Your Time > Ζalan Bata > Hungary.
  • The light > Sophie O ‘Donovan > Ireland

3d Prize

  • Solitude> Mathhew Joyce / Ireland
  • Αre you worth it? > HBLA für künstlerische Gestaltung/ Austria


  • Hacho > Sever Latysov / The Netherlands
  • Insecure > Imme Kievit / The Netherlands


The light that we have to keep on


The films follow one after the other and the “world” of the 15th Camera Zizanio unfolds: The Syrian refugee in Germany who tries to put down roots, the African immigrant in Spain who tries to cross the fence, the children from Italy who hate borders…

Borders, the acceptance of something different, the modern technology that estranges people, poverty, school violence, the dream for something beautiful… More than any other time, the hot issues of the world around us feed the subject matter of the films.

Of that world that is in turmoil, in transition, in a manner that is extremely painful most of the times.

Camera Zizanio has been and still is the meeting point of the issues of young people with creativity. Not as a simple, random crossroad but as the point where the carbon rods of the old movie projector meet.  Each one carrying opposite electrical charges, they barely just touch and as if they explode, they create the voltaic arc. A brilliant light, necessary for the projection onto the large screen.

This is the light that we have to keep on, under any circumstances.

At any cost!

Nikos Theodosiou

Artistic Director of Camera Zizanio

With “PHOENIX” in Vienna!


The main character in the film PHOENIX by the 2nd General Lyceum of Igoumenitsa is a young girl who finds herself into a dead end. This leads her to a decision to end his life. But small events make her change her mind and see the bright side of life. Small things that take her off! Read more of this post

2015 Olympia Film Festival/Camera Zizanio: An Introduction


18th Olympia Film Festival

Pyrgos, November 28 – December 5, 2015


  • In the competition section of the 18th Olympia Festival (Feature Film, Short Fiction Film, Short Animation Film and Kids & Docs categories) 68 films will be presented (20 feature films and 48 short films), all recent productions (2015-2014), from 45 countries around the world: Afghanistan, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, India, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Kenya, Lebanon, Lesotho, Moldova, Myanmar, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA.
  • 65 feature films and 50 short films will be screened in four different tributes (“Film Innovation and Education”, “Italian Cinema: From Open City to Kaos”, “Zoom in European Children’s Film” and “Current trends in European Animation”).
  • The award-winning films of the Festival and selected films from the 15th Camera Zizanio will be screened in Alkyonis Cinema in Athens (10 – 16/12/2015).

Read more of this post