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Τhe audiovisual education as an ultimate social necessity


This is the full text of the speech of Nikos Theodosiou,artistic director of Camera Zizanio,  at the roundtable discussion on the topic “Kids, youth and Media Literacy” held in Valencia on   January 19, 2013  in the context  of the first  “Mostra International de Cinema Educatiu” .

The others participants of the roundtable were people with extensive experience in the cinema for children and young people: Gunther Kinstler (Rainbow Project) Germany, Paolo Beneventi, (Director of Bambini Oggi Brescia) Italy, Birgitta Olsson (Film consultant, Film i Halland) Sweden,  Paula Jardon (dean of the University of Valencia) Spain, Nuria Cidoncha, (Director of the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Valencia) Spain. Read more of this post


When we launched the Olympia International film Festival for Children and Young People 15 years ago, and Camera Zizanio 4 years after that, we knew that this was no easy task. A film Festival is not a simple cultural event.

It has special requirements if it aspires to correspond to the high standards of a quality organization that highlights the novel, the pioneering, that does not exclude but reveals, does not close off but opens out to new possibilities. Even more so, when it addresses children and young people and has a clear pedagogical perspective.

However, in a society where everything is considered a commodity, even human work and dignity, events without a financial return, when they are not perceived as dangerous, are redundant.  The “market society” does not recognize investments in art and culture.

In the current crisis conditions, where everything is subject to “budget targets” and the lives of millions are regulated by monstrous and impersonal “rating agencies”, culture is taking massive blows. Not only in Greece, which is in the eye of the tornado, but on an international level as well. But without art, society is driven towards barbarism.

This is what arms us with the power to continue swimming against the current. Because we know that the future that we dream of is by going forward. With very limited means, a lot of sacrifices but with confidence for what is right, we carry on. This is a commitment to the young generation. We consider the Olympia Film Festival and Camera Zizanio to be a reserve trench, a line of defence against the storm that threatens to shatter the social fabric.

Come join us into reinforcing it.

Nikos Theodosiou

Artistic Director of Camera Zizanio


May economical crisis has arrived and everyone says that there is no future for us, that we are standing in front of  the perspective of the huge attack in our living standards and consequently we will face the shrank of the artistic- cultural creation, but we don’t stay impassive.

Culture is life and, through culture, we can pump optimism and open new ways of creation. We gather all of our means and forces to kick away misery and fatalism. Read more of this post

The large window to the passions…


(extract from Sophia’s Blog )

And the large window to the passions, the laughter, the ambitions, the pain, the inspiration to the larger world, is still open on the screen of the Appollon Theatre, which, is packed every afternoon till late in the evening, after the last film of the day is screened…

Kids, both from Greece and abroad, sitting or lying on the side aisles, with eyes glued to the screen, ecstatic, watching film after film. Grownups as well, with the same enthusiasm and commitment, all part of what this Festival is, and means.

Farsi, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, Serbian, English, German, Icelandic, French, Arabic, Swedish, the languages you can hear in the seats next to you, but the language of the moving picture, is the same for all… The unanimous laughter with the jokes, the grand intake of breath in the agony of the protagonist, the cries of relief from the kids when everything is resolved, the applause, a whole theatre breathing around you and pulsing to the rythm of each film… The directors, the producers, the creators, sitting next to you, enjoying the impact of their work. Simplay wonderful…

And in the streets, the cinema workshops, kids with cameras creating their own stories, making animations, shadow theatre, the screenings of Camera Zizanio taking place every morning with the European section, and the daily news, capturing the beat of all the Festival’s activities into pixels and sound bits!

And among all these, the kid’s jury watching films, taking down notes, asking questions, voicing opinions, but mostly, having fun… As we all do!


And Roviros Manthoulis, once more left us spellbound with his master class, his words and images of a past that is gone now, unfolding on the large screen… Simply magic… and in his own words:
“Magic is a construct, and in a film you mustn’t be able to see the seams… the director must remain invisible.”

We traveled around the world with excrepts from his films, from the gitanos of Andalucía, to those of Palermo, singing to the Virgin Mary, the “gitana guapa”, to the woman singing a lullaby to put her baby to sleep, as well as the volcano of Aetna, the poem “Thanatos” by Dimitris Christodoulou with the streets under Acropolis of the past…

From the blackboard to youtube: a hurdles race

A new article by Nikos Theodosiou

Lately, the situation in the area of audiovisual creation and communication has radically changed, mainly with the incredibly wide distribution of digital recording media of moving pictures, but mostly with their impressive possibility of transport through fast internet immediately all through the planet.

For the first time so many people have the possibility to create audiovisual works, but also the possibility to “present” them to so many people, no matter how far they are, just a few seconds after the work’s completion. Read more of this post