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European Section

We are not film critics or specialists. After attending the introductory workshop in film narrative and analysis by our president, Mrs. Angeliki Darlasi, we felt we had some keys to unlock the films and all the things we felt and thought watching them. Our choice was based mainly on the level of the children’s involvement in the creation of the film as well as on the best possible use of film language. Read more of this post

The right of young people to express themselves freely and creatively


The 14th edition of Camera Zizanio lies ahead of us!

It is well known that Camera Zizanio is more than a Festival where films are being screened in competition terms. Though the audiovisual creations of the youth, we are offered a fresh and creative approach to the world we are surrounded by, their critical point of view and their dreams. Camera Zizanio is here to put into practice the right of children and young people to express themselves freely and creatively. Read more of this post

The Mythos Project – 4th edition!


Are you interested in learning how young people deal with the current issues in their lives? And how they turn their concerns into movies? If the answer is yes, then you have to come to Pyrgos city and follow the Mythos Project teams. This is the place where cameras never stop rolling! Read more of this post