Camera Zizanio

Ευρωπαϊκή Συνάντηση Νεανικής Οπτικοακουστικής Δημιουργίας



European Section

We are not film critics or specialists. After attending the introductory workshop in film narrative and analysis by our president, Mrs. Angeliki Darlasi, we felt we had some keys to unlock the films and all the things we felt and thought watching them. Our choice was based mainly on the level of the children’s involvement in the creation of the film as well as on the best possible use of film language.

Category A

1st Prize: The adventures of yoyo > Camera- Etc, Belgium
2d Prize: I’ll fix you > Avisco Association, Italy
Slow down > Into Film, UK
3d Prize: Hooked > Colegio San Jose S.C., Spain
Special Mention: A prehistoric interview > Toby Little, UK

Category B

1st Prize: Phoenix > The 2nd General Lyceum Of Igoumentitsa, Greece
2d Prize: Restless > Pieter Wibaut, Arvind Choenni, Romek Van Deursen, The Netherlands
Xenos > Micky Labreche, Julie Carlier, Bloeme Eliasberg, Norine Van Andel, The Netherlands.
3d Prize: Witness > Sever Latysov, Maxim Latysov, The Netherlands
The late doctor’s daughter > Julia Twamley, Ireland
Special Mention: BELLVITGE, The Value Of A Neighborhood > CINEMA EN CURS, Spain

Best Animation Film Award: Life as you don’t know it > Zvviks, Slovenia

Category C

1st Prize: Hey man, I fell in love with Greece > Invitia Productions, Spain
Forsaken Playground > MARK BAKACSI, Hungary
2d Prize: Fear > Studio K’ Prasc, Slovenia
Tappity > Ashling Surgue, Ireland
3d Prize: Mine Sheep > Gamtos Dienos (Nature days), Lithuania
Bionicle rise of shadow > Leon O’Connor, Ireland

Greek Section

Rationale for the Greek Section of Camera Zizanio
We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of the Jury for Greek short films of Camera Zizanio. We chose these films for their script, their concept and their message. Through these films, the children wanted to share their thoughts with us, and helped us see many issues from a different angle.

Category A

1st Prize: Why? > 1st Primary School Of Neas Alikarnassos
2nd Prize: The Other Aspect > Cinema Workshop of the 13th Primary School Of Serres
3d Prize: It was me, sir > Primary School Of Amygdaleona Kavalas
Award for The Youngest Creator
The dinosaurs > 28th Kindergarten Of Heraklion, Greece

Category B

1st Prize: Phoenix > 2nd General Lyceum οf Igoumenitsa
2d Prize: Beautiful day > 13th General Lyceum οf Peristeri
3d Prize: Will she go? > 1st General Lyceum οf Keratsini
Special Mention
Fentora > Foivos Chalkiopoulos, Tassos Mpelessis

Category C

1st Prize: Irina, between two homelands > General Lyceum of Karatoula
2nd Prize: Artemis & Alexandros: A journey > Music School of Alimos
3d Prize: The only choice > 2nd Model Experimental Lyceum Of Thessaloniki
Special Mention
The other site > General Lyceum Of Kali

Special Prizes

• Nikos Kavoukidis Award
A rehearsal in progress > 1st Model Experimental High School of Athens

• Greek Ombudsman Award
In the tracks of silence > 2nd Standard Experimental High School Of Thessaloniki

• Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos
Artemis & Alexandros: A journey > Music School of Alimos

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