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“Mythos project” spreads in Europe

Vienna 2012

“Mythos project” is an international initiative of Camera Zizanio for the creation of short films where young people can express their thoughts and experiences from the nowadays crisis.

The first 6 films were created last December in Pyrgos, Ilia Prefecture, in the frames of the 14th Olympia International Film Festival and the 11th Camera Zizanio. These films started their journey all over the world and draw the attention. Read more of this post

Now We Continue!

The Olympia Film Festival refuses to resign

and continues it’s offer to the Youth

(“Lessons in the Dark” all over Greece)

The Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People, despite the enormous economic problems, refuses to resign from the fight to offer to the youth of our country. Read more of this post


The first and foremost characteristic of the 11th Camera Zizanio is the number of entries from Greece. This year they have reached 72, a considerably larger number compared to last year! Even though quantity is not a factor in artistic creation, in this particular case it is essential.

With the lack of existence of any kind of central audiovisual education program in schools and the non existent support, the production of artistic works in a school environment requires strength and in effect, constitutes a feat on the part of students and educators. At the same time, it is a source of optimism. Young people just don’t give up! Read more of this post

“Myth” starts…

”Mythos project” , an ambitious idea aiming to create a collective movie which will reflect the atmosphere of our era, young people’s concerns and dreams, starts its preparation today. Read more of this post

We are alive!

When we have write to our friends from abroad  to inform them  that we are preparing for the 14th Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People and 11th Camera Zizanio coming up in December, they keep asking

– You’re still alive?

This is a video response to the question.

Greek version / Ελληνικά