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The first and foremost characteristic of the 11th Camera Zizanio is the number of entries from Greece. This year they have reached 72, a considerably larger number compared to last year! Even though quantity is not a factor in artistic creation, in this particular case it is essential.

With the lack of existence of any kind of central audiovisual education program in schools and the non existent support, the production of artistic works in a school environment requires strength and in effect, constitutes a feat on the part of students and educators. At the same time, it is a source of optimism. Young people just don’t give up! Read more of this post

Workshops, workshops, workshops…

CINEMATIC WORKSHOPS for the  14thOlympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People and the  11thCAMERA ZIZANIO

The cinematic workshops, one of the most dynamic parts of the Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People and Camera Zizanio, will be available this year as well, to offer unique moments of creation to children and young people.

The participants, under the guidance of professionals, are initiated in the secrets of cinematography and its various kinds (fiction, documentary, animation) and are guided into film creation.

The workshops offer the opportunity to participate, to dozens of students of all school levels from the Prefecture of Ileia as well as to the young visitors from Greece and abroad.

For the duration of one week, the whole town of Pyrgos is transformed into a huge filming stage, the likes of which, cannot be found in any other part of Greece.

A quick look into the workshops:

–          Direction-Editing workshop for secondary education students from Ileia. During the workshop the participants produce one or two short fiction films. Workshop coordinators, the directors-editors Giorgos Kourmouzas and Christos  Santatsoglou. Duration:  5 days, 3 hours per day.

–          Animation workshop for secondary education students from Ileia. During the workshop the participants produce one or two short animation films. Workshop coordinators, the professional animators Kostas Katrakis and Tasos Zervas. Duration:  5 days, 3 hours per day.

–          Documentary workshop that produces the legendary by now, Zizanio News! A four minute daily film that offers a different viewpoint of the Festival, the town, the people. The Zizanio News shorts are screened every evening at 20.30 at the Apollo Theatre and are available online. The team of Zizanio News includes former   “Zizania” and secondary education students that have taken part in workshops during the previous years.  Workshop coordinator, the director Nikos Theodosiou.  Duration:  5 days, many hours per day.

–          Clay animation workshop for primary education students. Workshop coordinators: Vincenzo Beschi, Silvia Palermo and Irene Tedeschi – Avisco association – Italy.

–          Direction – editing workshop. The workshop is organized by the people in charge of the Dutch National Film Festival for Students (NFFS –  Nationaal Film  Festival voor Scholieren). The participants in the workshop are the visitors of the festival from abroad. Duration: 5 days, afternoon hours. The workshop produces about 10 films during its course.

–          Open animation workshop under the responsibility of the Media Education Centre – Belgrade .  During the workshop the participants are introduced to the animation technique (stop motion) with the help of the renown animation box by the Swede  Erling Eriksson. It will be operational for  6 hours per day and open to any visitor. Small groups of children (up to 15) from local schools can also participate.

–          Two-day cinematic workshops  totaling 6 hours each. They are addressed to visiting students from other areas of Greece. They take place during afternoon hours (3-6pm). Coordinators: the directors Nikos Theodosiou, Damianos Voganatsis.

–          Juries – film analysis workshops. Two workshops – juries will be operational: one for the films of the Greek section of Camera Zizanio (3rd and 4rth December) and one for the European section (5-9 December, from 10.30 to 13.30). Coordinators: for the Greek section, the teacher Sophia Giakmoglidou, and for the European section the writer Aggeliki Darlasi.

Seminars –  workshops in the Department of Informatics and Means of Mass Communication, Pyrgos

  • Screenplay in cinematography, by Dimitris Spyrou, director, Artistic Director of the International Film Festival of Olympia
  • The language of cinematography by Nikos Theodosiou, director, writer, Artistic Director of Camera Zizanio
  • Introduction to animation by Igor Gimbosh, 3D animator in the Media Education Centre- Belgrade.
  • Short Film: from idea to screen by Antonis Papadopoulos, director, Artistic Director of International Short Film Festival in Drama.
  • Documentary film, step by step by E. Maria Leonida, director.

We are alive!

When we have write to our friends from abroad  to inform them  that we are preparing for the 14th Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People and 11th Camera Zizanio coming up in December, they keep asking

– You’re still alive?

This is a video response to the question.

Greek version / Ελληνικά

Daily news December 4

Matthias and Joey from Holland talking to Camera Zizanio live

Camera Zizanio 2007 – What’s new?

What’s new for Camera Zizanio 2007?

Its seventh realization finds Camera Zizanio with a higher number of participants and a wider ranger of activities:

  • The Greek sector will host a record of over 50 participations, proving that, despite the lack of a state plan, team (in schools) and individual attempts for audiovisual creation are increasing.
  • More than 10 Greek participants are originated from the prefecture of Ilia and the educational initiatives of the Festival.
  • For the first time ever, the Greek Film Centre subsidized the creation of films by children and youngsters through the project “First Step”. Four of these films will premiere in Camera Zizanio
  • New European participants come to join the usual ones, raising the represented countries of the Continent to the number of 22.
  • The International Panorama spreads its wings over Asia to other parts of the planet, such as Latin America and Africa.


The novelties of this very dynamic sector of our Festival are the following:

  • Established last year, film workshops and their work will be presented this year with a focus on actions supported by the European Union, through the project “Youth in action”.
  • Support from the General Secretariat for Youth will make sure that this project will be carried out during the Festival. 42 young people from 7 countries will take part in it.
  • What is special to this year’s workshops is that they will be situated in areas devastated by the fire. Therefore, they will be close to extremely needy children.
  • The last word of technology, high definition cameras, will are due to make their debut.
  • “Zizanio” will be broadcasted on the internet, as a live 24-hour tv show, with films and live coverage.