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A European Network for young filmmakers


The 2nd Youth Cinema Conference, that was held in Carlovac, Croatia concluded on September 12, 2013, by the signing of a MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING for the creation of a European YOUTH CINEMA NETWORK – (YCN). The 1st Seminar was organized in Norway, a year before. Read more of this post

Hurry up and submit your films!


Camera Zizanio festival is coming! Hurry up and submit your films!

Deadline for entries: October 20, 2013

From Paxos Island to Vienna

Emergency 2

Another distinction is added to the long list of successes of our film workshops. The most recent one comes from Vienna.

The film Emergency”, created from students of Paxos high school in the frames of a film workshop, excelled in Media Literacy Awards, Austria. Camera Zizanio submitted the film. Read more of this post

Destination: Croatia.


6th Four River Festival, Karlovac, Croatia

Youngsters’ creations from Greece, with Camera Zizanio’s initiative, continue their great journey all over the world. This time, the destination is Croatia and specifically… two film festivals.

Dubrovnik Film Festival 2013, is a festival of youth films from Mediterranean countries, that will take place from October 17 to 20, 2013, in Dubrovnik. The following films were selected:

  • Εlectronically enslaved“, by Christodoulos Kehris.
  • “ΑFΑ”, by students of the Standard Experimental School of University of Athens.
  • “Nikos and Sophie”, created during a film workshop in the frames of 15th Olympia Film Festival and 12th Camera Zizanio.

In the 6th Four River Festival, and international festival with films made by children and youngsters, and was organized in Karlovac (September 11 – 14, 2013), we had one more Greek participation.


Yiannis Ntelis – Smyrillos

It’s about the film that was created by the students of the 15th Primary school of Athens: Our hands are not for hitting.

In Karlovac, the school was represented by Yiannis Ntelis – Smyrillos and Tzina Oikonomou (teachers).

In a few days, we’ll announce who will be the Greek winner of the Media Litteracy Award, in Austria, that will win a trip to Vienna.

Those who want to give themselves the opportunity to experience of a youth festival abroad, they only have to make the first step: to send their films at the 13th Camera Zizanio, that will be held from 30 November to 7 December, 2013.




The 8th  International Youth Media Summit was held in Belgrade, from August 1 to 12, 2013.

Many youngsters from different countries were divided into multinational groups and discussed on the most important issues that our society is facing today such as poverty, discrimination, violence, environment etc., wrote scripts and filmed short movies – messages on these issues.

Sofianos Santatsoglou, member of the Greek team, who participated in the Summit for the first time, shares his experience.


“SUDDELNY” this summer, between July 30 and August 12, I found myself in Belgrade for the International Youth Media Summit.

Their hospitality was excellent.    The program included seminars on anthropology, the life of Roma and an especially interesting seminar on sound.

Later on, we were formed into groups depended on the subject in order to create themed films. Our subjects were 7 were the social issues.

The film that I worked as cameraman and editor was about poverty.

The cooperation I had with youngsters from other countries was very interesting.

Indeed, the whole atmosphere was very interested because everyone came from different countries, such as USA, France, Italy, Germany, Slovenia etc.

It was a very useful experience with exchange of views, screenings, and discussions but also was nice and fun.

In the video below, there’s presentation of the Summit.