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Vienna: The real picture!

The complete contradiction!

From outside, the perfect harmony! The city with its imperial grandeur, the wide avenues, the architectural masterpieces, the order and tranquility and the cluster of happy tourists. Everything as it should be! And also everything spotlights the sense that the economic recession that affects and crashes millions of people in the world can only be a bad dream.

From inside, in a dark theatre room of Dschungel Wien at the Muesums Quartier, you can see the other side of reality. The engrossment, the searching, incisive and critical look of the youth, the youthful spontaneity and excitement. The real life with the myriad problems as it’s reflected in audiovisual works! These works were presented for three days (October 20, 21 and 22) at the Award ceremony of the Media Literacy Awards 2010.
The Media Literacy Awards is an annual event of the platform that runs by the Federal Ministry of Education, Art and Culture – which aims to promote the Media Education in schools. The awards included different aspects of Media, such as video, radio, internet and the press.

This was the 9th year of the awards. Children presented their works and also talked about them. The event was well organized and with strong participation of children. As we were informed by the people in charge of this event, during the recent years, the youthful creations that have a social concern and reflect the contemporary concerns of young people are increasing.

This justifies all the relevant initiatives in each country that give the youngsters the opportunity to educate and express themselves, in conditions of freedom, with the means of modern technology. Thus, the new generation that will create a new world will have the opportunity to develop.
In Vienna, the need for coordination at European level of all organizations, festivals or persons involved in the Literacy in Media, was discussed.

More information about the platform here. More photos at mediamanual2010’s photostream

Nikos Theodosiou

One response to “Vienna: The real picture!

  1. Jacie November 10, 2011 at 10:17 am

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brgheitned my day!

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