Camera Zizanio

Ευρωπαϊκή Συνάντηση Νεανικής Οπτικοακουστικής Δημιουργίας

Zizanio News 2008, No2

Zizanio News No2

With the entry applications period for the 8th European Meeting of Young People’s Audiovisual Creation – Camera Zizanio over, we have a clear picture of what we are going to be seeing in Pyrgos from the 28th of November till the 6th of December 2008. And we have come to the conclusion that it will be nothing similar to the ones preceding it.

The entries of young creators have broken the record since they are over 300! They come from 21 European countries while seven countries are presented in the International Panorama, the established view into the rest of the world: USA, S. Korea, Jordan, India, Lebanon, Dubai and Kenya.

The Greek entries broke the record as well since they are well over 65 (compared to the 50 of last year).

For the first time this year, the age limit of the entrants from Greece is lowered to the pre-school age! (Short animation films shot in filming workshops in a kindergarten in Athens

And two special entries:

Α) a film made by young Afghan immigrants in Greece (the children of the Refugee community from the hostels of Makrinitsa and Agria in the Municipality of Magnesia with the support of the Greek Film Center within the framework of the programFirst Step.

Β) an animated film made by handicapped children within the framework of a film workshop of the Emotion Pictures Festival. (30 children of the Cerebral Palsy Greece took part).

Camera Zizanio, however, is not simply a Festival, it is also a great workshop for audiovisual education. For this reason it has established the special presence of the work done in film workshops abroad in order to exchange experiences and promote research and dialogue. This year, however, this presentation will be “greek centered”.

And the reason is because the Festivals associates, through the experience they have gained from it, have developed pioneer projects that constitute large steps in audiovisual education and creation for which we are very proud and this is why we present their work:

Spyros Siakas, the first who organized animation workshops for the children of Pyrgos, has completed his study on the methods of the use of animation in a classroom and his work, an easy to use manual for teachers being published by Youth Plan, will be presented in Pyrgos for the first time.

Nikos Repoulios, for the first time “lowered the bar” in Greece by organizing animation workshops with children of preschool age! And the results were spectacular.

Kostas Katrakis, transferred his experience from the Festival of the City of Athens by organizing workshops in the summer camps with the prospect of expanding them during the whole year, the first and of such large scale establishment of film workshops for children.

In the about ten film workshops that take place every year during the Festival, this year we have with us two important presences from the area of cinematography who, through their master classthey will transfer their rich experience to young children:

Roviros Manthoulis, who celebrates this year his 50 years of cinematic creation, is getting ready to present something exceptional through a selective retrospect of his work.

Nikos Kavoukidis, who was the first professional cinematographer to film the lighting of the Olympic Flame in Ancient Olympia, as a teenager, is returning to speak abouthow it is to film at 16”.

More information in announcements that follow.

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