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Ευρωπαϊκή Συνάντηση Νεανικής Οπτικοακουστικής Δημιουργίας

This month belongs to Spain!

Greek films will start their great journey in the world  this month. And this month belongs to Spain, as we have participation in two youth film Festivals, taking place there.

Plasencia 2015First is the II International Youth Film Festival – Plasencia Encorto” (IYFF), taking place from March 18 to 21 in Placencia, Extremadura.

In this Festival, Greece is represented at the competition section with the films:

  • A circle breaks, 4’39”, 6th High School of Patras  
  • The chocolate gate, 6’,  3rd Primary School of Loutraki
  • Phoenix, 6′,  2nd General Lyceum of Igoumenitsa, Film Workshop

Furthermore, in the frames of the Festival and during a special conference on March 20, Nikos Theodosiou (artistic director of Camera Zizanio), will make an extensive presentation our work in Greece through Olympia Film Festival and Camera Zizanio.

More about the Festival at


MICE 2015The second Spanish Festival with Greek participation is Φεστιβάλ με ελληνική III Mostra Internacional de Cinema Educatiu (MICE), taking place in Valencia, from March 27 to 30, 2015.

The following films participate at the competition section:

  • A circle breaks, 4’39”, 6th High School of Patras  
  • Phoenix, 6′,  2nd General Lyceum of Igoumenitsa, Film Workshop



More on the festival at

We would like to wish every success to our colleagues from those two Festivals, especially their artistic directors, Jose Luis Munoz and Josep Arbiol, but also to the young filmmakers from Greece.

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A big thanks to all of you!


Dear friends and collaborators,

I would really wanted to write a special letter to each one of you, personally.

But the ones that i want to thank are so many.  So, i came up with this collective letter.
Though you have to know,  that everyone has a special place in my thoughts. Read more of this post



European Section

We are not film critics or specialists. After attending the introductory workshop in film narrative and analysis by our president, Mrs. Angeliki Darlasi, we felt we had some keys to unlock the films and all the things we felt and thought watching them. Our choice was based mainly on the level of the children’s involvement in the creation of the film as well as on the best possible use of film language. Read more of this post

Catalogue / Κατάλογος 2014

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The Catalogue 2014  is available for download in PDF format.

Camera Zizanio Catalogue

(You will need Acrobat Reader to view the documents pdf)

The Camera Zizanio catalogue (printed Version) is available free of charge at the festival venues.