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Ευρωπαϊκή Συνάντηση Νεανικής Οπτικοακουστικής Δημιουργίας

Last Call for Entries!

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There’s only two weeks left to submit your films to the 15th edition of Camera Zizanio, the European Meeting of Young People’s Audiovisual Creation. The deadline is, October 10.

Don’t miss your chance to enter your films this year!

In order to submit your work go:
Greek section HERE
International /European Section HERE

15th Camera Zizanio will be held in Pyrgos, Greece, along with the 18th Olympia International Film Festival of Children and Young People
From November 28 to December 5

Autumn Expedition / Φθινοπωρινή εξόρμηση

ΦΟΙΝΙΞ(Greek text below/Ελληνικό κείμενο πιο κάτω)

After a little summer pause back to the ”spins” of film festivals concerning the journey into the world of films created by children and young people from Greece, promoted by the initiative of Camera Zizanio. Read more of this post

Movies on the Square!



For second straight year, Olympia International Film Festival and  Camera Zizanio offer a beautiful summer spectacle by reviving the travelling cinema in villages and tourist resorts of the Ilia Prefecture.

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A joint action of YOUNG DOGS, Germany and Camera Ζizanio, Greece


  • A joint action of YOUNG DOGS Youth Academy for Documentary, Germany and Youth Plan (Olympia International Film Festival- Camera Ζizanio, Greece)
  • Creation of short documentaries from mixed groups of Greek and German youngsters.

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The climax of this drama…

Dear friends and colleagues,

I would like to warmly thank all of those who, with one way or another, have expressed their support for our people during the difficult times.

We’ve known each other for many years, with most of you. We have shared the same ideals for the new generations, cinema, audiovisual education in a world of values and ideals. During these years we have established solid friendships.
So, you know first-hand, our struggle especially during the last years, especially since harsh austerity was imposed to our country. We achieved to organize all those festivals due to the strong support of the people and yours. As you have informed us, great cuts especially in culture and education began from your countries. What will the future be like?
Now we’re living the climax of this drama, here in Greece. Austerity became suffocated.

Since Monday, the European Central Bank (ECB) has decided to stop sending cash. Greek banks were forced to shut down and are able to give only a small amount of money through the ATM. Imports and exports have been blocked and millions of people will soon face survival problems. A painful economic suffocation was imposed to us.

But it’s not only an economic issue. UN human rights experts’, Alfred de Zayas and Virginia Dandan, expressed the opinion that Greece is facing an attack on fundamental human rights. (UN human rights experts’ welcome Greek referendum and call for international solidarity – See more at:

The situation is very critical.

We would like to apologize, but this unpleasant situation force us not to be able to attend films festival and events abroad, to postpone already scheduled trips. We are very sorry.

The only thing that we can do, is to promise that we will continue with the same unswerving principles, defending our future and the future of the young generations.

Life goes on. Our Festival is ahead us and we’re inviting you to respond to our call for entries to the 15th Camera Zizanio, which will take place from November 28 to December 5, 2015. We hope that it will take place under much better conditions.

Best regards,
Nikos Theodosiou

Artistic Director of Camera Zizanio