Camera Zizanio

Ευρωπαϊκή Συνάντηση Νεανικής Οπτικοακουστικής Δημιουργίας



Because nothing can stop children and youngsters to dream and create…

Because nothing will stop us from fighting for a better world…

Despite the increasing difficulties, we continue with even more determination and we invite all youngsters to actively participate in this great international feast  of audiovisual creation and expression.

14th Camera Zizanio (along with 17th Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People)  will take place from November 29 to December 6, 2014, in Pyrgos – Ilia Prefecture,  Peloponnese. Read more of this post

A “hot” October for teen movies!

The Chocolate Gate

The Chocolate Gate

It is not one or two but ten young audiovisual creations from Greece who have the good fortune to participate in festivals abroad and those only for October.

Namely: Four films from Greece are participating in the competition section for young audiovisual creation of Wildlife Vaasa festival which will be held from 1-5 October 2014 in Finland.  The Wildlife Vaasa festival specializes in films about the environment and is taking place every two years.

The Greek participations are:

Chocolate Gate”, 3rd elementary school of Loutraki

“On the way to the oasis”, animation workshop in the framework of ANIMASYROS

“I dream, don’t give-up, I live”, 6th High-School of Patras

“1, 2, 3 … 15″, 9th PrimarySchoolo of Ag. Dimitrios

In Dubrovnik Film Festival (DUFF) which will take place 17-20 October 2014 at the beautiful city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, six films from Greece will participate. In Dubrovnik Film Festival are participating and competing films that have been created from children and young people from Mediterranean countries.

The Greek participations are:

a) in the category of up to 15 years,

“I dream, don’t give-up, I live”, 6th High-School of Patras

“Chocolate Gate”, 3rd elementary school of Loutraki.

b) in category 16-20 years,

“The pen”, 1st Standard Experimental High School of Athens

“Maybe there is hope”, 1st Lyceum of Pyrgos

“Mama don’t cry, we’ll speak through Skype”, 1st EPAL of Argos, SEK of Argos and ERAS of Argos

“Charlie’s smile”, EPAL of Agios Nikolaos Lasithi Crete.

Let’s note that all the films, except one that is very recent, participated in Camera Zizanio 2013.  And most of them gained acclaim!
The film “1, 2, 3 … 15 ‘ of the 9th primary school of Agios Dimitrios won the third prize in category A(children up to 12 years old).
The film “the pen” of the1st Standard Experimental High School of Athens won the first prize in category B (children 13-16 years old).

The films “Mama don’t cry, we’ll speak through Skype” by the 1st EPAL of Argos, SEK of Argos and ERAS of Argos and
“Maybe there is hope” by the 1st Lyceum of Pyrgos won the 1st and the 2nd Prize respectively in category C (children 17-20 years old).The film “Chocolate Gate” by the 3rd elementary school of Loutraki is a film produced in 2014 and created within a film workshop under the direction of “Youth Plan”

Maybe schools in Greece are operating under very difficult conditions but thanks to active and spirited teachers and talented students as well,they do not give up. They distinguish themselves by their creations and  pointing the way for the future to all of us.

We are in the final stage of preparation for the 14th Camera Zizanio. Those who participate do not just take part in the festival but they are boarding for the trip around the world!
Deadline for Camera Zizanio entries: October 10, 2014. Hurry up!

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Animation workshop in Patras

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One of Olympia International Film festival’s summer activities came to its end with great success.

It’s about the animation workshop held on July 21-22, in collaboration with the International Festival of Patras and the support of Association  KOINO_TOPIA.

The short film created by youngsters, as result of the workshop,  was screened on July 23 along with the screenings of  Cinema for Children and Youngsters Week(July 18-23), that was also organized by the Festival of Patras in cooperation with Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People and Neaniko Plano.

Kostas Katrakis, a Festival’s colleague, was the workshop leader.

The traveling cinema of Olympia Festival and Camera Zizanio


The Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People and Camera Zizanio is more than an annual event held every December in Pyrgos.  It’s a continuous film event (with film workshops, screenings, seminars, educational trips etc) throughout the year.

And because it’s an action without interruptions and vacations… you’ll find us here and this August! And to be more specific, you can meet us in rural areas of Ilia Prefecture, offering to everyone an open air  free cinematographic spectacle.

With screenings of films that stand out for their quality and high aesthetic!

When the dark comes and the day it’s cooler, a projection screen turns into the vehicle for the  great trip towards our dreams, closer to the people and the real life…


Cinema undrer the stars!

Olympia Film Festival at Port Festival 2014!


The 2nd Port Festival is taking place at Katakolon (Pyrgos) from 29 to 31 July 2014 with popular greek and local bands and a lot of parallel cultural activities.

At the booth of the Olympia International Film Festival for Children & Young People a 3-day an animation – stop motion workshop will be held from the team members of Zizanimation18 +.

Both young and old visitors of the booth will have the opportunity to create their own stop motion short stories through a “magic” box.