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Kids ete 2015
The film “A circle breaks” by the students of the 6th High School Patras continues its successful course in the world. One more international award was added to the previous two, that the film has received within this year.

This time the film was awarded at V. KID’S EYE FILMFESTIVAL that took place on May 8, 2015 in Budapest.
But the film from Patras is not alone in this great journey as it is accompanied by other films from Greece. These films travel with Camera Zizanio’s initiative and apart from receiving an award or not, they have the opportunity to meet a wide international audience. Read more of this post


VAFI statue
One more distinction for a young creation from Greece to a festival abroad.
It’s about the film “A circle breaks” by the  6th  High School of Patras, which won the 2nd prize in the category “Blue VAFI” at the 6th International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival Varaždin in Croatia.

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The heavy luggages on the return trips

awards spain

Οι βαριές βαλίτσες της επιστροφής

Our luggages on the return trips from Spain were slightly heavier this time. As they included the awards won by the Greek youth creations that took part in two Festivals. Read more of this post

This month belongs to Spain!

Greek films will start their great journey in the world  this month. And this month belongs to Spain, as we have participation in two youth film Festivals, taking place there. Read more of this post

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