Camera Zizanio

Ευρωπαϊκή Συνάντηση Νεανικής Οπτικοακουστικής Δημιουργίας

CAMERA ZIZANIO: An institution for the audiovisual creation


In Nafplio

Camera Zizanio is not just a festival that screens films made by youngsters. Now has become the most significant institution in Greece regarding the development of young people’s media literacy.  

This was something obvious but was also emphasized by the lecturers in two cultural events that took place within the last weeks. Events to honor the young filmmakers awarded in 16th Camera Zizanio.

The first event took place on February 12, 2017, in Naflpio -the first capital of the Greek state.

Guests of honor were the students and educators of the 1st EPAL and 1st EK of Agros, a technical school of secondary education, with many and continuous distinctions in Camera Zizanio and others festivals.

The event hall of the cultural center “Fougaro” was proved too small to host all the guests.

Local authorities, members of the Parliament, the Bishop, many local members, and students along with educators attended the event.


Nikos Theodosiou, Nikos Kavoukidis

Nikos Kavoukidis (veteran cinematographer) and Nikos Theodosiou (artistic director of Camera Zizanio) were also invited and gave a lecture. The subject of the lecture was about documentary as the ultimate aim was to urge and other school students to stat creating films.

The most moving moment was when the honored students, most o them coming from poor families that are forced to work and study at the same time, mentioned was their life was changed thought their creative engaging in moving picture.


In Piraeus

The second event took place on February 23, 2017, in Piraeus, were the event hall of the 8th High School was overcrowded by students and educators. .

In this event, an initiative of Mrs. Anthi Gourounti, responsible in the Sector of Cultural Affairs (DIDE Piraeus), students of the 8th High school of Piraeus as well as students that participated with their films at 16th Camera Zizanio were the honored guests.

Representatives from eight schools in the region attended the event, were honorary diplomas were given and students had the chance to talk and screen their films, winning the applause of the guests.

“That was the first time we had so many films, in Camera Zizanio, from Piraeus area. But the most significant was that all films had an excellent quality and could also be awarded along with the film “Tell Me What You See” (by the 8th High School of Piraeus)”, Nikos Theodosiou noted during his speech.

With this film, winning “Nikos Kavoukidis” award, students will have the opportunity to shoot their next film with professional standards as Nikos Kavoukidis and his collaborators will offers technical and artistic help.  The cinema group of the school has already started writing the screenplay.

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