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Ευρωπαϊκή Συνάντηση Νεανικής Οπτικοακουστικής Δημιουργίας

Maria’s Diary

Maria Benteniti writes from Rome:

Our flight to Rome has just landed.We are here.That is to say,3 days ago a great trip started for 29 young people from 14 European countries.We are going to visit several universities,archaeological sites,great monuments,gain knowledge of any kind,meet various cultures and make new friends…It will definitely be an unforgettable experience for all of us!Wheeling Eu enlargement here we are!

From Parma

After having a wonderful time in picturesque Parma and after having attended three very interesting lectures at the university of law there,we’ve reached our middle station before Ljubljana,Trieste just for one night.It’s a common feeling amongst us that we are traveling for weeks together,although we know each other only for 5 days.Tomorrow a fully scheduled day in Slovenia
(check on a daily basis for more)

From Ljubljana

There are a few words to describe Ljubljana and still they can’t give an impression of how it looks likes ,unless you have visited it. Bridges,green,beautiful buildings reaching to the sky each one with its own history and of course bikes…A lot of bikes and a lot of, not only young, people to ride them. Silent and noisy at the same time, mysterious and revealing, magical and ordinary…

  • From Zagreb

During the weekend, we were in Zagreb, a peaceful city with a big history to tell and a few spots to stay for hours,look the overview and relax. In the meantime, lectures at the universities and visits to city halls, museums, galleries continue with more and more interesting things for us to experience. Keep traveling…

From Belgrade

The second week of our trip started in Belgrade

From Sarajevo

…then it was Sarajevo…

From Montenegro

Kotor is a small city in Montenegro, a few kilometres away from Podgorica. The view from the road reminds a typical summer destination, with a lot of boats in its port and people walking around in swimwear. But then you see this fence made of rock, you cross the gate and enter the old city. Different feeling, lovely atmosphere, sun reflecting to the surfaces and something appealing and charming existing in the sky.

From Tirana

Next destination Tirana, a city with a river flowing in the middle, a few colourful buildings, a lot of people walking in the street and many things to be planned for the future…

From Skopje

We stayed in Skopje only a few hours, less than 24, so little time to explore a city as you want to. A city tour with the best tour guides, our friends from there, was very informative and appealing enough in order to make us return soon, for longer time and discover everything.

From Sofia

Next stop: Sofia. Great buildings that could barely fit in a compact photo camera’s lens, lights everywhere and a slight melody of balkan music coming from a place hidden behind some tall trees, away from the noise of the street…

From Bucharest

I apologize for the picture,but it was the best I could do for the 1st biggest building in Europe and the 2nd in the world, the Parliament in Bucharest. While walking around the city, you felt like a small dot in the majesty of the buildings and their architecture. Approaching the old city, you could find nice places to drink something,eat or have fun, usually in narrow streets. What a controversy!

From Istanbul

Our first walk around Istanbul was after midnight and it was magical! In fact, many of us, including me, felt this city like home from the moment of our arrival. Beauty combined with culture, tradition connected with modern way of living have filled up my memory with so many images which I cannot describe to you, unless you visit it…

From Athens

Crossing the Greek borders,made me realize that the end of our trip was really close. First Thessaloniki and then Athens. It was our turn to experience this strange feeling of being a tourist in our country and in the meantime of having both the pleasure and the responsibility to show our friends both the monuments and the city from our point of view today…

And finally our 30-day road trip came to an end…A whole month passed so quickly that you cannot imagine…We still cannot recall everything we lived,everything we saw,everything we heard,everything we said…A great thank you to all the people that created this project,worked for its implementation and gave us the opportunity to be a part of it and have this amazing and unforgettable experience…The next goal now is our reunion…
(keep checking for more photos,texts etc. )

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  1. Basak July 2, 2011 at 12:29 am

    congratilations…this is great !:)

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