Camera Zizanio

Ευρωπαϊκή Συνάντηση Νεανικής Οπτικοακουστικής Δημιουργίας

And Evgeny will be with us!

"A Tale of Horror" by Evgeny Belyaev

Camera Zizanio is a festival that always offers strong feelings. Youngsters passion, imagination, talent explosion, thirst for life, is what makes these youth films to stand out. But there is something different this year.

One of the most important presences, are the films that were created by the children of Kids Animation Studio DA from St. Petersburg, Russia. Because there are not ordinary children, but children that cope with tremendous difficulties in their life: children with cancer, children in wheelchairs, mentally retarded, autistic …

A team of professional directors and animators, from the greatest animation studios of St. Petersburg, teachers and physiologists have created (on a volunteer basis) Kids Animation Studio DA, in order to give to those children the joy of creation. For some of their children, this could be their last chance.

“What is even more important, that for the most of the children the process of cartoon producing is not simply interesting pastime or even specific training, but also strong motivation of struggle for life and health, overcoming of internal complexes, fears; as well as skill of teamwork, disclosure of creative potential, possibility to feel themselves needed, valuable (and in that fact able)”.

Four children -in their wheelchairs- will make the long journey from St. Petersburg to Pyrgos, to present their creations. Only that Evgeny, won’t come with them.

Evgeny Belyaev (18 years old), director of the film “A Tale of Horror” died this year, unable to cope with the disease, cancer. But as is mentioned at Camera Zizanio’s catalogue « Evgeny is still with us, as his cartoon would look people in the world”.

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