Camera Zizanio

Ευρωπαϊκή Συνάντηση Νεανικής Οπτικοακουστικής Δημιουργίας

Camera Zizanio on the road…

As you know, Camera Zizanio is a festival of young’s people audiovisual creations that is taking place every year, the first week of December in Pyrgos, Ilia Prefecture.

But when the lights of the Closing Ceremony are turned off, Camera Zizanio doesn’t ends. Contrariwise! From this moment, a great trip starts. Especially for the awarded films. So:

  • All the awarded films were screened in Athens, at cinema FILIP, from 17 to 13 December, 2009.
  • The awarded films of the Greek Section, were screened at Private Educational Institution – IEK DOMI in Athens, on Tuesday 12 January 2010 and the awarded films of the European Section will be screened on Tuesday 19 January.
  • A special mention to Camera Zizanio will take place during the 2nd Artfools Video Festival (1-2 March 2010) in Larissa. This festival will screen, not only the awarded films but also the films from the film workshops that took place last year during our Festival.
  • A special presentation of Camera Zizanio is scheduled in Spain in the frames of the 3rd Audiovisual Contest by the Institutional Centre of Extremadura, that will take place from May 7 to 9, 2010.
  • Many schools and institutions of Greece are interested in screening the awarded films of Camera Zizanio.

We will soon inform you about the following destinations of Camera Zizanio’s awarded films of, that have started their great trip throughout the world!

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