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The long journey of films that were created by youngsters from Greece will start the following month.

We are pleased to inform you the first participation of the films abroad:

-The film “Mother of Memories” by the Evening High School of Mytilini will be screened atFirst Cut! Youth Film Festival in Cork, Ireland (March 11-14, 2020).

(festival’s page:

-The films “Mnemosyne” by the 2nd General Lyceum of Igoumenitsa, “Santa Ciao!” by the film workshop of 21st Olympia International Film Festival and “Beautifuls Days” by Klaudia Pashnjari will be screened at the VII International Youth Film Festival “Plasencia Encorto” in Plasencia, Spain (March 26-29, 2020).

(festival’s page:

We’d like to congratulate all young filmmakers!

And to the ones who will be able to represent their films to the festival’s abroad: to gain great experiences!